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Air Knife Equipment

1. Positioner

The positioner adjusts height, distance, skew & scan of air knife
equipment for wiping position

  • Height : 0~750mm
  • Distance : 0~100mm
  • skew : ± 25mm
  • scan : ± 50mm

2. Air Knife unit

  • Nozzle Shape
    • Air knife nozzle is designed with an acute angle to improve
      the flow of jet stream
    • No obstacles in the fluid flow of inside nozzle chamber
    • Good aerodynamic quality with straight flow
  • Nozzle Lip
    Surface is coated with TiN, so zinc doesnot stick easily and the attached zinc dross is easily removed
  • Lip gap adjustment device
    1.0 - 2.0mm, manually adjustable by setting screws
  • Nozzle 각도
    -5° ~ +30° during operation, driven by motor and displayed on HMI and local panel via encoder
  • Lip cleaner (Lip cleaning device)

    Lip cleaner is built in nozzle and scraps the lip to prevent surface
    defect when the strip joint part is passing every time

  • Lip gap partial closing device
    Lip gap partial closing device jets only on the strip according to change of strip width, so it reduces energy and noise

3. Edge baffle system

It is mounted on air knife unit and uses baffle
plate to reduce noise & edge overcoating.
There is guide roll type and touchless type
for strip.

4. Blowing system

Air blowers supply to top side & bottom side and is controlled
by inverter.
Air is supplied to air knife through various control valves and
pressure transmitter.
Pressure & volume are designed by technical specification.